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Knob Master Volume - USED

Product SKU : VU432400_2h_MS



Product In Stock: NOT IN STOCK

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Manufacturer: Yamaha
Description This part (product) is intended for the following devices: (This list is not complete and is not guaranteed.)




CLP-150 CLP150
CLP-170 CLP170
CLP-300 CLP300
CLP-380 CLP380
CP-33 CP33
CVP-309 CVP309
CVP-401 CVP401
CVP-503 CVP503
CVP-505 CVP505
DGX-220 DGX220
DGX-230 DGX230
DGX-300 DGX300
DGX-305 DGX305
DGX-500 DGX500
DGX-505 DGX505
DGX-520 DGX520
DGX-530 DGX530
DGX-620 DGX620
DGX-630 DGX630
DGX-650 DGX650
EZ-150 EZ150
EZ-250i EZ250i
KB-280 KB280
P-155 P155
PF-1000 PF1000
PF-500 PF500
PSR-1000 PSR1000
PSR-1100 PSR1100
PSR-1500 PSR1500
PSR-170 PSR170
PSR-175 PSR175
PSR-2000 PSR2000
PSR-2100 PSR2100
PSR-225 PSR225
PSR-260 PSR260
PSR-262 PSR262
PSR-3000 PSR3000
PSR-350 PSR350
PSR-540 PSR540
PSR-550 PSR550
PSR-640 PSR640
PSR-740 PSR740
PSR-A1000 PSRA1000
PSR-A2000 PSRA2000
PSR-E223 PSRE223
PSR-E233 PSRE233
PSR-E313 PSRE313
PSR-E323 PSRE323
PSR-E333 PSRE333
PSR-E403 PSRE403
PSR-E413 PSRE413
PSR-E423 PSRE423
PSR-E443 PSRE443
PSR-S500 PSRS500
PSR-S550 PSRS550
PSR-S650 PSRS650
PSR-S700 PSRS700
PSR-S710 PSRS710
PSR-S900 PSRS900
PSR-S910 PSRS910
PSR-vn300 PSRvn300
YPG-225 YPG225
YPG-235 YPG235
YPG-525 YPG525
YPG-625 YPG625
YPT-220 YPT220
YPT-230 YPT230
YPT-310 YPT310
YPT-320 YPT320
YPT-330 YPT330
YPT-535 YPT535


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