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Hob2Hood module - Programmed Arduino UNO board

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Programmed Arduino UNO board for controlling your old hood with a new hob or induction hob supporting hob2hood AEG and Electrolux.

An IR sensor and a Relay board for light and motor control must be connected to the board.

With connection option:

  1.    OLED Display 128x32 - The time since the induction plate was switched on and the suction size 0 - 4 are displayed. If a temperature sensor is connected, it also displays the temperature and humidity.
  2.    Temperature sensor - for displaying temperature and humidity (can be displayed on the OLED Display when idle)
  3.    Switches for manual hood control

It is suitable to use the IR remote control to control the hood and set the display options on the OLED Display.



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