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AC adapter - power supply 55W DC16V with adapter – replacement Yamaha PA300 a PA301

Product SKU : ACDC16V55W-O+adapter_ME


Product In Stock: 4 pcs

Description This part (product) is intended for the following devices: (This list is not complete and is not guaranteed.)


Motif-Rack XS

PSR-1000 PSR1000
PSR-1100 PSR1100
PSR-1500 PSR1500
PSR-2000 PSR2000
PSR-2100 PSR2100
PSR-3000 PSR3000

PSR-s500 PSRS500
PSR-s550 PSRS550
PSR-s550b PSRS550B
PSR-s650 PSRS650
PSR-s700 PSRS700
PSR-s710 PSRS710
PSR-s900 PSRS900
PSR-s910 PSRS910
P-120 P120
P-155 P155
P-155b P155b
P-155s P155s

Jiné značení WH943500  WH943100


Replacement adapter for some instruments - including the power cord. Switching power supply - no transformer.

Input voltage range: 100 to 240 V AC
Input Frequency: 50-60 Hz

On status: light LED

Output voltage: 16V DC
Max. Output current: 3,36 A
Power: 54W
Output connector: 5,5mm/2,5mm with adapter to 6,5mm/3,0mm  (6.5 mm Outside polarity -; inner hole 3.0 mm + polarity)
Weight: only 200 grams!!
Dimensions: 110x45x30 mm (length x width x height)

Replacement for Yamaha types:

PA-300 (2,4A 38W) PA300
PA-301 (2,4A 38W) PA301




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