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Cable - connections pedal Clavinova

Product SKU : WT529800_PQ


Product In Stock: 1 pc

Manufacturer: YAMAHA
Description This part (product) is intended for the following devices: (This list is not complete and is not guaranteed.)

Cable to connect the instrument with pedals.



CLM-990 CLM990 
CLP-120 CLP120 
CLP-130 CLP130
CLP-150 CLP150
CLP-170 CLP170
CLP-220 CLP220
CLP-230 CLP230
CLP-240 CLP240
CLP-280 CLP280
CLP-470 CLP470
CLP-635 CLP635
CLP-645 CLP645
CLP-810 CLP810
CLP-820 CLP820
CLP-840 CLP840
CLP-860 CLP860
CLP-880 CLP880
CLP-920 CLP920
CLP-930 CLP930
CLP-950 CLP950
CLP-970 CLP970
CVP-103 CVP103
CVP-105 CVP105
CVP-203 CVP203
CVP-205 CVP205
CVP-206 CVP206
CVP-301 CVP301
CVP-303 CVP303
CVP-305 CVP305

YDP-140 YDP140
YDP-161 YDP161

Jiné značení / Other code: V0044700 ; V004470R; WT529801

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