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Contact rubber VU12 (1x12 double contacts)

Quantity discount ≥5pc
Product SKU : VU328402


Product In Stock: 29 pcs

Manufacturer: Yamaha
Description This part (product) is intended for the following devices: (This list is not complete and is not guaranteed.)



CS-1x CS1x  
CS-2x CS2x  
EZ-30 EZ30  
EL-100 EL100  
PSR-A3 PSRA3 Only series SN #8251 →
PSR-A1000 PSRA1000  
PSR-A2000 PSRA2000  
PSR-OR700 PSROR700  
PSR-S700 PSRS700  
PSR-S710 PSRS710  
PSR-S750 PSRS750  
PSR-S770 PSRS770  
PSR-S775 PSRS775  
PSR-S900 PSRS900  
PSR-S910 PSRS910  
PSR-S950 PSRS950  
PSR-S970 PSRS970  
PSR-S975 PSRS975  
PSR-225 PSR225  
PSR-240 PSR240  
PSR-248 PSR248  
PSR-260 PSR260  
PSR-262 PSR262  
PSR-270 PSR270  
PSR-273 PSR273  
PSR-275 PSR275  
PSR-280 PSR280  
PSR-282 PSR282  
PSR-295 PSR295 Only some series
PSR-330 PSR330  
PSR-340 PSR340  
PSR-350 PSR350  
PSR-450 PSR450  
PSR-520 PSR520 Only series SN #100686 → #100701, SN #100748 → #100751, SN #109251 → #109350, SN #109715 →
PSR-530 PSR530  
PSR-540 PSR540  
PSR-550 PSR550  
PSR-620   PSR620   Only series SN #39189 → #39208, SN #39481 →
PSR-630 PSR630  
PSR-640 PSR640  
PSR-730 PSR730  
PSR-740 PSR740  
PSR-1000 PSR1000  
PSR-1100 PSR1100  
PSR-1500 PSR1500  
PSR-2000 PSR2000  
PSR-2100 PSR2100  
PSR-3000 PSR3000  
S-03 S03  
S-03s S03s  


Other code: VU32840R VU328401



Some series can be equipped with type VT12



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