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Tact switch L7,0mm, 2pin, 130g, Alps

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Product SKU : MSW-070-2-130g-SKRGALD010


Product In Stock: 407 pcs

Manufacturer: Alps Alpine
Description This part (product) is intended for the following devices: (This list is not complete and is not guaranteed.)



Motif ES7




Microswitch for buttons.

In the name of the product is listed heigh (L), number of pins (pin), and operating force (g).




Type Radial
Operating force 1.27N
Operating direction Top push
Travel 0.25mm
Operating life
(5mA 5V DC)
500,000 cycles
Initial contact resistance 500mΩ max.
Stem color Black
Stem height h=7mm
Series type Sharp feeling type
Operating temperature range -40℃ to +90℃
Rating (max.) 50mA 12V DC
Rating (min.) 10µA 1V DC
Electrical performance Insulation resistance 100MΩ min. 100V DC for 1min.
Voltage proof 250V AC for 1 min.
Durability Vibration 10 to 55 to 10Hz/min., the amplitude is 1.5mm for all the frequencies, in the 3 direction of X, Y and Z for 2 hours respectively
Environmental performance Cold -40±2℃ for 96h
Dry heat 90±2℃ for 96h
Damp heat 60±2℃, 90 to 95%RH for 96h

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