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Tact switch L7,0mm, 2pin, 160g, Alps

Discount from 50 pcs
Product SKU : MSW-070-2-160g WG31840R


Product In Stock: 435 pcs

Manufacturer: Alps Alpine
Description This part (product) is intended for the following devices: (This list is not complete and is not guaranteed.)



CLP-110 CLP110
CLP-115 CLP115
CLP-120 CLP120
CLP-150 CLP150
CLP-170 CLP170
CLP-320 CLP320
CLP-330 CLP330
CLP-340 CLP340
CLP-370 CLP370
CLP-380 CLP380
CLP-470 CLP470
CLP-575 CLP575
CP-300 CP300
CP-33 CP33
CVP-309 CVP309
CVP-401 CVP401
CVP-503 CVP503
CVP-505 CVP505
CVP-605 CVP605
CVP-609 CVP609
DX-200 DX200
EL-100 EL100
J-9000 J9000
MO-6 MO6
MO-8 MO8
motif ES-6 motif ES6
motif ES-7 motif ES7
motif ES-8 motif ES8
Motif XF-6 Motif XF6
Motif XF-7 Motif XF7
Motif XF-8 Motif XF8
motif XS-6 motif XS6
motif XS-7 motif XS7
motif XS-8 motif XS8
moX-6 moX6
moX-8 moX8
moXF-6 moXF6
moXF-8 moXF8
NP-30 NP30
NP-32 NP32
P-35 P35
P-60 P60
P-70 P70
P-85 P85
P-105 P105
P-120 P120
P-140 P140
PF-500 PF500
PF-1000 PF1000
PSR-9000 PSR9000
PSR-E403 PSRE403
PSR-E413 PSRE413
PSR-E423 PSRE423
PSR-E443 PSRE443
PSR-S670 PSRS670
RS-7000 RS7000
S-03s S03s
S-08 S08
Tyros-1 Tyros1
Tyros-2 Tyros2
Tyros-3 Tyros3
Tyros-4 Tyros4
YDP-113 YDP113
YDP-123 YDP123
YDP-131 YDP131
YDP-140 YDP140
YDP-141 YDP141
YDP-151 YDP151
YDP-160 YDP160
YDP-160 YDP160
YDP-161 YDP161
YDP-223 YDP223
YDP-c71 YDPc71
YDP-s30 YDPs30
YDP-s31 YDPs31
YDP-s51 YDPs51




Microswitch for buttons.

In the name of the product is listed heigh (L), number of pins (pin), and operating force (g).

Code:WG31840R VV439800 V8889300




Type Radial
Operating force 1.57N
Operating direction Top push
Travel 0.25mm
Operating life
(5mA 5V DC)
500,000 cycles
Initial contact resistance 500mΩ max.
Stem color White
Stem height h=7mm

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