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Tact switch L7,0mm, 4pin, 100g Omron

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Product SKU : MSW-070-4-100g-OM1060


Product In Stock: 197 pcs

Manufacturer: Omron

Microswitch for buttons.

In the name of the product is listed heigh (L), number of pins (pin), and operating force (g).


Manufacturer OMRON
Switch type microswitch
Stable positions number 1-position
Contacts configuration  SPST-NO
DC contacts rating  
(at resistance load)
0.05 A / 24 VDC
Mounting THT
Switching torque 0.98N (100g)
Body dimensions 6 x 6mm
Button height  
(measured from PCB)
Switching method OFF-(ON)
Button shape round
Terminal pitch 4.5x6.5mm
Operating temperature -25...70°C
Actuator colour black
Leads for PCB, straight
Max. contact resistance: 100mΩ
Min. insulation resistance 100MΩ
Mechanical durability 1000000cycles
Contact material phosphor bronze
Key stroke 0.25mm
Contact plating silver plated



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